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I bought this space a couple of years ago with the intention of dozing it to build three nice Craftsman style houses on the corner lot but I got shanghaied by the City and my "neighbors" and the zoning got changed on the lot between the time I bought it and the time I applied for a replat. Doh! Shit happens.

The building was originally a commercial space of some kind--probably a corner / general store type set up. Some people have suggested that it might have been a post office but the location doesn't seem to support that theory. It's too far off the beaten path to be a post office from that era.

I toyed with the idea of opening a methadone clinic at this location... just to annoy the "neighborhood association"... but more than likely I will bulldoze the house once the land value gets high enough and build a large single family house on it.

Baylor St
Houston, TX 77009


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