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SOLD! Vintage Avenues Four Square (SLC, UT)
O.K. So I sold this house a couple of years ago... but I am leaving it up because I love it so much and am extremely proud of the work we did there.

Talk about your international team of experts... My uncle Keith and two cousins helped me out a lot ("Um... I think you can back off with the phone and cable, Nick... I dont need Cat-5 & ethernet in the bathrooms...")

Emmanuel del Angel and various other crew members flew up from Houston four times over a two year period to rip the roof off and re-build it, strip off the many, many layers of paint, repair and refloat the plaster walls, and install the tile and stone work, re-wire, re-plumb, etc.

Brian Joseph (The Joseph Company) contributed the super tricked out, plush, velvety, reversible, extra comfy window seat cushion for the 9 foot bay window. Jean Flescher (Heber) made the glass doors for the cabinets in the entry. Corey at Elegant Hardwoods (Draper) did a truly amazing job on the floors. And Jose dug up the foundation and re-pointed the 100 yr old sandstone.

And Victor, my Venezuelan electrician flew up to finish the wiring and hang all the fixtures. (It was his first (and only) time on a snowboard--his first time ever in the snow period.)

The only subs that get bad marks are good old GUS LAZARAKIS, the Greek bandit, who has to have the WORST painting crew ever assembled! :) Thank God I only let him paint the outside (which I subsequently had to repaint myself)--thanks a lot GUS! I want my $2500 back!!!) Talk about a bunch of crooked gypsies.

Next, Manwill Heating & Air Conditioning--probably the sloppiest, most apathetic HVAC crew that has ever worked for me or anyone else. They cut holes in my (new) roof about 3x larger than they needed to be--then never even bothered to flash or foam up those holes (big enough to put your arm through). Then, the chucklehead installer hooked up 220v to a 110v air handler... duh! How stupid can you be??? Fried my brand new Trane blower motor--which, after replacing it, left the original burned up motor in the attic, along with a trash bag full of other installation materials and garbage. Oh, and did I mention that they pulled large sections of insulation out of place and did not put them back--and then refused to come back & fix any of the above? But, hey, I am not bitter! :)

And, of course, there were the many, many, many good parties that were thrown in this house along the way... especially during the 2002 Winter Olympics when just about every country was represented at one party alone! (22 different friends stayed in the house over that two week period.)

So, for now, bittersweetly, 1165 Third Ave maintains its place in Medusa Properties history...

(Sold for about $585,000.)

1165 3rd Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

 Unit sold
 vacant:  No  rent:  $0
 bedrooms:  4  bathrooms:  3
 sqare feet:  3000
This sucker was a monster. I bit off WAY more than I could chew when I bought this place in SLC to restore--while still living mainly in Houston. It started out as a "light" remodel. And then I made the biggest mistake you can make when you start a project like this: I started listening to all of the people around me telling me what I should and shouldn't do to the house... big, big mistake.

Next thing you know, we're down to the studs in several places, finishing out the basement, completely rewiring and replumbing the entire house, the roof is off to the rafters (and it's raining), the kitchen and bathrooms are gutted--and my light remodel is now a full blown restoration project... whether I liked it--or could afford it--or not.

Fortunately the house itself was strong enough not to let me screw it up too much. All I had to do was play off of what ws already there. I tried to make it better without making it different. I focused on upgrading the core mechanicals--plumbing, electrical, and HVAC--while struggling to keep the original look and feel of the house. Any mouldings we put in were recreations of original ones. All new fixtures were matched as closely as possible to the originals. The only nod to modernity was the kitchen--which has stainless appliances and a stainless bar top.

It was hard to sign the papers on this baby when she finally sold... I could have been very happy living there... And I miss my afternoon naps on the 9 foot bay window... but it was time to move on to bigger and better things....
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