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SOLD! Craftsman Bungalow in the Heights (Houston)
Classic 1920s Bungalow in Woodland Heights.

This sweet Arts & Crafts Bungalow was my home off & on for about five years while I restored it. I spent enough on this project to build an entire house from the ground up--$23,000 in paint alone. (What? Is that a lot?) But in the end I made a few bucks & made a very cool couple from Colorado very, very happy.

My thanks to the many great craftsmen that helped on this project... Eddie Figueroa (floors), Custom Cabinets Houston (, Spencer Elliot & Jayson Morgan (steel fabrication), Emmanuel del Angel (drywall, paint & tile). In any creative endeavor you are only as good as your crew (a blessing and a curse). And I'm fortunate to have some great guys to collaborate with.

Other resources: ICI/Dulux (paints), Thorntree (stone), John Pfister (pier & beam leveling), The Detering Company (moulding & doors), M&M Lighting (fixtures), K&N Builder sales (appliances), Hewitt Airtex (HVAC).

811 Ridge
Houston, TX 77009

 Unit Main House
 vacant:  No  rent:  $2595
 bedrooms:  4  bathrooms:  2
 sqare feet:  2632
Tough to really break this house down in such a short space... $130,000+ renovation over a 5 yr period... My home for 3 yrs! So many good times... So many good parties...! A lot of my heart and soul went into this place... Definitely a one of a kind space that was designed for entertaining and living well.

This home is rich in color & texture. Inside there is Rajah slate & bone travertine, original pine floors, chocolate & sepiatone, pale yellow & sage green, stainless steel, bubbly "seedy" glass in the cabinets... Outside there is a buckskin flagstone & brick patio, smooth river rock creek bed, & black star gravel. The extensive custom landscaping included four types of palm trees and multi-level beds with assorted varietals of yucca & cactus, honeysuckle & jasmin, bushy bamboo giving shade and privacy to the west, rough stucco & smooth siding, clasic Craftsman open-end rafters & cornice detailing, custom wrought iron balcony railings, etc.

There are are really two "master baths"--one upstairs and one downstairs--both very different in layout but both utilizing similar textures and colors. There are two bedrooms on the main floor and one on each of the other two floors--including the top floor, which overlooks the Houston skyline.

There are also three living rooms--one formal (with original fireplace that we clad in carbon steel), one informal "family" room with 11 ft. ceilings and slate floors inlaid with Jacobean stained oak--and a third one on the second floor, with lots of windows, vaulted ceilings, and a built-in entertainment center.

There is also ample garage space for anything and everyting you might need to store, plus a decked attic over the main house for even more storage.

Though this is a very large house, there are a lot of well planned spaces. Itís easy to get comfortable here. There is a space for all seasons, all weather, all moods, and all lifestyles. I lived like a gypsy in this house... sometimes sleeping in one of the downstairs bedrooms, sometimes upstairs--and sometimes just out on the rooftop deck under the stars.
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 Unit Garage Apt
 vacant:  No  rent:  $795
 bedrooms:  1  bathrooms:  1
 sqare feet:  550
One of he best things about renovating all of these vintage units is that I get to try out all the ideas that pop into my head. This apartment is all about fun and all about color. There are multicolored mosaics on the counters and backsplash and multicolored patterns in the shower. (I was feeling kind of Mondrian that week so Piet was kind of my inspiration there.) The bath is painted a pale blue and has a small tub and shower. I always advertised this space as "very IKEA" when it came up for rent... and I think that description is apt.

The living room is painted a pale chardonnay color and has rosewood stained wood floors (just stain-grade plywood but it looks great). The bartop is stainless steel (thanks to Carlos "The Jackal" at Custom Precision Stainless) with a classic 1920ís subway tile backsplash.

(I stole some of this vibe from my favorite place to eat in SLC--"Big City Soup", which is a great turn of the century space with floor to ceiling subway tile & stainless counters, tables & casework everywhere. You get the sense that you could take a pressure washer to the entire restaurant and it wouldnít hurt anything.)

This apartment is very stylish & functional--especially for the size and price. The bedroom is split level from the rest of the unit and has vaulted ceilings and a skylight. The kitchen is open to the living area with bar seating in between, full-size appliances (actually, a 36" vintage gas range with 4 burners & a griddle!) and nice, deep, white double-bowl sink with disposal, under-counter lighting--plus a nice new dishwasher (my parting gift to the tenant there as I had already sold the house before I put that in).

There is a washer and dryer and extra storage in the garage below.

Garage apartments tend to be an afterthought--and this place was really no different when I bought the property. I looked at every repair as an opportunity to upgrade and any vacancy as an opportunity to renovate. In the end it turned out to be a really great little space. I lived there myself for six months while I restored the main house--and I had great times living there. (One notorious Easter Sunday in particular when my friends Mike Babbitt & Meg Golden were visiting and we went to Sunday brunch at La Strada at 10 a.m. and did not drag ass back in until about 3 a.m. stands out hazily in my mind!)
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