Contacting Medusa Properties

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For information about a SPECIFIC unit at a SPECIFIC property, use the unique email address by EACH unit on the Vacancies page/tab above. (If a unit / property is not on the Vacancies page--it is not available.)

Every property has its own auto-reply email address with specifics about pets, parking, laundry, etc. For example, the 8plex in Afton Oaks is The 4plex in Monstrose is The 6plex in Upper Kirby is, etc. Those specific email addresses are clearly indicated on the Properties / Vacancies pages.

For general inquiries, use:

Our mailing address is:

Medusa Properties
PO Box 541842
Houston, TX 77254-1842

Obviously we have a phone number. We just don't publish it. Too many ding-dongs calling in the middle of the night with questions that are already answered in the postings, on the site, or in the auto replies. It was driving me to drink. So I had to convert to an "email only" system to save my sanity. :)

If you need to fax over anything--like an application or supporting documentation--our fax number is (713) 583-3111.

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